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Muhammed Yesilhark, an entrepreneur & investor, is one of the best asset managers who have experience working with the top management companies in the world. Till 2016, Yesilhark was the Head of European Equities at Carmignac. Muhammed has been honoured as a winner of “40 under 40” at his very youngest age. This award is given to the top 40 investment professionals in the European Hedge fund industry.

Muhammed Yesilhark is originally from Turkey but was raised in Dubai. He founded Q2Q Capital, his own company in Dubai and runs all his operations from a family office in Dubai only. Yesilhark is fluent in 4 languages which are English, German, Turkish and Spanish. Being a philanthropist He has interest in sports and enjoys traveling.

Professional Career: Yesilhark’s journey is very inspiring and remarkable. Soon after passing out from college, he joined as an Analyst at Lazard’s Frankfurt and worked under the Mergers & Acquisition department. While working, he was also trained in several areas such as Corporate Finance and Equity Capital Markets. After gaining enough experience, he joined York Capital Management, one of the New event driven hedge fund management companies, which is currently dealing with $18bn AUM. He was the first person to get promoted to the directors within the span of 4 years of his tenure and had become one of the youngest directors in the financial services industry in London.

Muhammed Yesilhark London

After Muhammed Yesilhark joined SAC Global Investors, a US-based hedge fund with his new challenge which he actually conquered. He joined SAC Global Investors as a Partner and Portfolio Manager and during his tenure he received his “40 under 40” award. Yesilhark then moved to Carmignac with his 5-person strong team from SAC. He joined the head of European Equities, one of European’s leading assets managers with $55bn AUM. Yesilhark was responsible for the company’s European funds as well as the European exposure of the global funds adding up to approximately €8bn.

Personal Achievements : Muhammed Yesilhark was an exceptional student and had interest in finance, so he pursued his passion and studied finance and management. He excelled in everything he did. He secured an honours degree both from Reutlingen University of Applied Science in Germany and Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. Muhammed, a gold medalist, completed his graduation from European School of Business.

Being a philanthropist, Muhammed Yesilhark London is currently working as a trustee for National Zakat Foundation. The NZT is a groundbreaking initiative which aims at helping the poor and derived people in the united kingdom. Muhammed Yesilhark is happily married and has two children.

Muhammed Yesilhark

Founder - Q2Q Investment Partners in Dubai

Q2Q Investment Partners in Dubai, UAE

Until April 2016, Muhammed was the Head of European Equities at Carmignac, one of Europe’s leading asset managers with close to $55bn of AuM. Muhammed was responsible for Carmignac’s European equity funds as well as the European exposure of the global funds adding up to approximately $8bn exposure to European equities.

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